Ernest Magriñá

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Frequent questions

I have two years of professional experience in software development, although my interest in programming began when I was 17 years old. Since then, I have been continually learning and honing my skills.

When I face technical challenges, I feel more motivated to solve them. I love researching and learning new solutions. I find satisfaction in facing difficulties and overcoming them through a persistent and methodological approach.

Yes, I have experience both in work environments and in personal projects. Whenever I work on a medium or large project, I prefer to collaborate as a team to take advantage of the skills and perspectives of all members.

I stay up to date through videos and technology blogs. First, I get an overview and, if the technology is relevant to my work, I go deeper through research and practice.

The most challenging project I've worked on is Heiwa, which is still in development. This project has required meticulous planning and the implementation of advanced technologies to achieve our objectives.

I am interested in projects that have a positive impact on people, either directly or indirectly. I enjoy developing web applications, bots and plugins that make users lives easier and solve practical problems.

I bring a great passion for programming and a curious attitude. Although I don't consider myself a genius, I always look for ways to improve the projects I work on. My ambition leads me to propose innovative ideas to raise the level of the team and the company.

My motivation lies in continuous improvement and efficiency. I am passionate about finding solutions that save time and improve the user experience. I firmly believe that spending time now to optimize processes saves us time in the future.

I have used several tools such as Miro, Excalidraw, Trello and the Microsoft stack. I also use Notion to save information. However, my preferred tool is Heiwa, which offers a comprehensive solution for project management.

Pleasant colleague, organized and focused on the objective to be achieved. Very hard-working and resilient until the job is done.

His deep understanding and meticulous approach to each task are truly remarkable. What I admire most is his unwavering thirst for knowledge, he is always eager to learn and hone his skills.

Is very capable of learning anything that comes his way. With the tools and a little time, you can accomplish anything. He is thorough, technical and methodical. With a great future ahead.

Despite having worked little with him, is a person very dedicated to what he does, he likes to investigate and innovate, he is capable of making decisions and supporting his colleagues in different situations.